Frequently Ask Questions

How does your consignment process work?

We accept items that are in good, sellable condition. The prices are determined at the store by our staff. The items are reduced in price every 30 days and kept on the floor for up to four months. The owner receives 60% of the actual selling price.

What kinds of things do you accept?

We accept furniture of almost any type. Bedroom furniture such as dressers, chests, beds, nightstands. We no longer accept bedding. We take den/living room furniture that is in good condition. We are limited on space for upholstered pieces and these items typically don't sell for very much. We accept dining room furniture and kitchen sets. These can be simply chairs or sold as a table by itself. Odd pieces such as tables, cabinets, shelves, chairs all sell very well.

We ask that you email or come by with a photo of sofas and dining tables so that we can determine if we have a market for your item at the time.

We also accept accessories such as mirror, lamps, and ornate items to decorate with. These items are reviewed when you drop them off and we will let you know if we think that we can sell them for you.

How do you decide if you can sell it and for how much?

We try to keep our store stocked with nice things that someone would want to use in their home. We consider how old and if that item can be used in decorating a home. We also consider the pricing based on what you might pay for that item if it were new and sell it for approximately half. We ask that all items be in good, working condition. Drawers should open and close properly and nothing should be broken.

Do you accept antiques?

Yes we do have many antiques and collectibles in the store. We are not an antique store and we do not have the knowledge to price these types of things. We like to think of our store as a place to find usable items. If you have an antique that can be reasonably priced we would love to help you find a home for it.

Do you accept china and glassware?

We can sell newer more reasonably priced items such as this. We do not have an interest in stocking our shelves with fine antique china and crystal. These items can have a very high price tag and probably wouldn't sell for the actual value. The majority of our customers would buy it because they like it not because of it's history.

How do I get paid?

Checks are processed at the end of the month after all your sold items have been calculated. Customers should receive a call to pick up their check by the 10th of the month.

What do you NOT accept in the store?

We do not sell children's furniture such as cribs, strollers and high chairs. We no longer accept bedding and window treatments. We have stopped accepting rugs and jewelry. On occasion we will accept custom window treatments if they are not too dated and out of style. We do not accept accessories of the country motif or handmade items such as needlepoint.

Do you accept Christmas decorations?

We do have a Christmas corner full of fun things. We do not accept trees. We will start receiving Christmas items October 1st of each year. We do not reduce these items and we do not return them. If there are Christmas decorating items still available on December 26th we will remove them from inventory!

What if the item doesn't sell after four months?

At the end of the consignment period the item will be removed from inventory. At that time Bella’s House will dispose of in the appropriate matter. If you, the consignor, wish to have the item returned it will be your responsibility to pick it up before the end of 120 days.